WATCH: Martin Garrix Releases Preview of New AREA21 Track

News : 05 Feb 2018 : Halee A.
Martin Garrix has announced his next track following the tease of his upcoming collaboration with David Guetta and Brooks, which is set to be released in February.  Martin Garrix won’t be releasing this next track as Martin Garrix though.  Instead, the superstar DJ will be dropping the new track under his alter-alias, AREA21.  
Twitter account @worldofgarrix tweeted that the new song will be called “Happy” and is set to be officially released this Friday, February 9th.  Along with the tweet was also a musical preview with some lyrics to the song. “I’m so happy. Good vibes, good vibes. Everything is all right, I’m so happy! Like yeah, yeah, yeah.”  Check back Friday to listen to Martin Garrix’s next hottest song this week!  

Source: EDMSauce
by Halee A.
05 Feb 2018