WATCH: Pendulum's remix album has just been released

News : 29 Jun 2018 :
If you had Googled 'Pendulum news' any time over the last few years you would have yielded little other than some information on a science experiment done somewhere in Sweden. Many fans have been waiting for ages for a Pendulum album, and now they have teased us by releasing a remix album, entitled 'The Reworks'.
Although many of the remix tracks have been criticised by thise in the industry, namely around their Knife Party remix (watch below), the album as a whole can't be ignored. Rob Swire, the founder of Pendulum and one half of Knife Party, had to come to his own defense by calling out those who question the talents of drum and bass producers compared to those in the dubstep genre.

"Not every song needs to be the Sistine chapel, stop overanalysing everything you miserable c****.” 

Strong words. See what you think below.

PS: Rob really needs to sort that beard out.
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