Who likes Sriracha sauce? Well now you can dance to it.

News : 24 Nov 2017 : Alex Cooper
Yes, there is a new funk track by Los Angeles based electro-pop musician Bo Haan titled 'Racha', that was inspired by the deliciously spicy sauce that is Sriracha.
Apparently Haan got the idea when wandering around the supermarket and spying the hot sauce on the shelf, before recording the song on his phone on his way home.

He said:

“[I] was just looking at a bottle of Sriracha thinking ‘Sriracha is the bomb – looks attractive, it’s spicy, bold, flavorful, not bland, versatile, and makes me SWEAT, lightheaded, and feel all tingly'”

To be honest, it's actually a pretty good track, and who doesn't like a bit of funk?

Check it out here:

H/T: nme.com
by Alex Cooper
24 Nov 2017